Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mimi Announces the Winner! And everyone gets a deal!

Hello Human Friends!  Mimi here.  My mama said I must choose a winner for some pattern giveaway nonsense she is doing.  I don't know, all I know is if there are cheerios involved, I'll do whatever silly things most normal dogs don't do.  And besides, I am a very fair and impartial Pug.

The numbers were cut up and put in this glass bowl.  I was a little bit afraid of the bowl, don't ask why, I have my reasons.  I did spy some cheerios in the bottom, so I snouted around until I found one and I picked up one of these number things while I was at it.

Mama says this is number 4.  Congratulations WonderlandbyAlyce!  You won! We would really like to see your quilt you make with my mama's pattern!  Please share it!  We will be emailing you the pattern Alyce!

She said:
I really like this pattern. It looks simple and is a great way to display large, medium and small scale prints, all at the same time. I think I might use my Glimma layer cake to make it. Thanks for the chance to win!

Oh dear....I need a manicure.   Please don't pay attention to those unsightly nails of mine.  ;)

 For everyone else who commented, we would love to see all the awesome suggestions you had to make this quilt come to life!  Email my mama and get a secret special discount code for the pattern - for $5!
Woah, that's a steal...are we sure we want to do that?
Wait, what do I care, I'm just a pug.  And that will buy me my very own box of Cheerios for sure!

So go on! What are you waiting for?  Email my mama at kimberlyprows@yahoo(dot)com and get your own special top secret code.  Just for you awesome quilters who took the time to comment!  And again, we'd love to see your quilts so please share!!

(Oh the things I do for my mama-please don't tell your dogs, I don't want it to get around that I'm a pansy)

Pug Hugs!
♥ Mimi McMuffin

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Vintage Patchwork Dream

This quilt is one of my favorites so far.  In fact, I need to order more of this fabric to make myself a 'mama-version'.   I can see a lot of nights on the porch, wrapped up in this nice quilt.

I just love how vintage-y it turned out.  The colors and the sweet small floral prints.  Be still my heart. ♥

And we all know that pink is my favorite color, however, that blue floral backing has me thinking I am living to much in a pink/red box!

A red binding to tie it all together.

What do you think?  A bigger version would be awesome right?  ;)

Quilt Stats:
Approx. 40 x 42
Fabric: Riley Blake's Sidewalks and V&Co. Simply Eyelet in Red
Bundle ordered from Fresh Modern Fabrics on Etsy. :)

This quilt is in the shop.

Also, don't forget the giveaway!  Ends on 4/24!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giveaway time!

I am so grateful for the love I have gotten on my pattern.  So, in honor of my pattern release month (yes that's a thing, cuz I just made it so) I want to giveaway a pattern!  It's PDF format, so the lucky winner will be emailed the pattern.  I will choose the winner on 4/25 (actually 4/24)!   To enter, please leave me a comment on what fabric bundles or color scheme you would use to make this pattern.  Good luck and may the force be with you!  (It's Comicon this week here in SLC, so Nerds Unite!)  ♥

Giveaway now closed.
Thank you to all who commented!

Monday, April 14, 2014

More Picture Pie & Weekend sewing

It was a pretty productive weekend of sewing here.  I took some days off work to play with the kids whilst they were out on Spring Break.  We had some fun at the park, playing with puppies, sleepovers...sigh. I'm exhausted.

BUT, I did manage to get a LOT of sewing done.  I have 3 quilts done, 2 just need the binding done on them.  :)

Remember the Picture Pie Foxes I did for a customer?  Well, she's having a little baby boy (who actually should have arrived by now) and she wanted another Picture pie quilt as a play mat for him to lay on.  She wanted it extra poufy and soft.  And this one is raccoons rather than foxes. :)  SO cute!  I love how it turned out.  Especially with the black/white stripey binding (my favorite).

I used two layers of batting, for the extra poufyness (real quilting terms here people).  It was kind of a pain to quilt through, but I managed and it washed up nice and poufy!   Love it!  I hope she does too.

Next up, I made a journal cover for my sweet neighbor.  This was really fun to make.  I used this tutorial from Riley Blake's website.  This was really easy, fun and a quick gift for someone special if you need one.

It's nice and springy isn't it?  ♥  I hope she likes it.  I still need to take it to her....ugh, I'm such a slacker!

I'll be back to post my other quilts I've nearly finished.  I locked myself in my room catching up on the Walking Dead (still have the last episode to watch so don't tell me!) and Game of Thrones!  Yay-so glad GOT is back on!  Woohoo!

Also, my pattern is doing really great!!  I'm amazed at the well wishes I've received and people interested in my pattern.  Remember, it's 20% off now until the end of April!  I may be doing a giveaway later on too... so stay tuned!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Drumroll please...

Yay!  I did it.  I've published my very first pattern!   It's's ready.  Lets go!

I had two lovely ladies help do the pattern testing.  I got their feedback which I GREATLY appreciated.  I made some changes, did some tweaking, and now - it is available!

Do you all remember this quilt?  The one I made for my sister-in-law, who gave me 'the great inquisition' when I asked to take it and do photo shoots?  Yah, that one. ;)  She's fussy, but I am glad she loves her quilt. Warms my Robot Heart. ♥
Colonnade Pattern

So pretty - I just want to pet it..only it doesn't belong to me anymore.  Sigh.

I've made 3 of these so far.  They are SUPER easy - so easy, this RobotMom can whip one up in a Saturday afternoon.  And so can you!  Come on, make one with me won't you?

For the month of April, the pattern is up in my shop for 20% off.  Get it whilst it's hot my friends. ;)
Expires 4/30/14

The pattern is also on Craftsy too - for all you Craftsy guys and gals. ♥

If you make one, please share pics of your quilt!!
Instagram - tag me!  @robotmomsews
Flickr Group: Friends of RobotMom
Or plan ole' email works great too. :)

I will share pictures of my pattern testers quilts as soon as I get them.

Thank you all for your continued support!
Robot Hugs for everyone! ♥♥♥

Picture Pie Foxies

After I finished my Modern Foxy quilt and put it in the shop, I had a customer ask for the same quilt pattern, but with the Picture Pie foxes and scribbles.  I squealed with delight and jumped right in.  I LOVE these cute little baby foxes.  I just want to squish them!  But I didn't.  I held back.

She wanted the orange scribbles for the background, and the grey scribbles for the border.   She is doing the nursery for her soon-to-be baby arriving soon, in the Picture Pie line and foxes.  So sweet!!

And we did the tiny orange houndstooth for the back.

All washed up and crinkly.  Best.Part.Ever

What do you think?  I hope she loves it. :)  And I hope the new little baby arriving soon will love it too.

Foxes are the new owls.  Right? ;)

Thursday, March 27, 2014



I'm a sucker for a good QAL and I am super excited about this one.  Paula from The Sassy Quilter is hosting a Triangle QAL.  Woohoo!!  Triangles give me major anxiety.  I get all sweaty and panting just thinking about my lines not matching up.  This may or may not have happened to me once or twice in the past.  In fact, I have a few quilt tops (or 1/2 tops) thrown in the closet because I cannot bear to look at them.

Does the thought of making a triangle quilt make you feel this way?  Well, join in won't you?

I have actually already got my fabric picked out and cut after I saw the lovely Stacey's triangle quilt for her cute daughter.  I want to make one too!  So I started on it and I had started two rows and they were horrible.  Stacey even made a lovely tutorial on triangles after I complained and grumbled - yah I'm fairly certain she made it just for me. ;) JK. Anyway I have it on my Evernote to get going on it.  This is just the chance to pull up my big girl panties and get over it already.

Here is my fabric pull.  Ombre pink style.  ♥
Thank you Paula for hosting the QAL!  Here's to hoping I can FINALLY master triangles.